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"There are actual tears of happiness in his eyes.”


    "There are actual tears of happiness in his eyes.”

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    Shaggie + behind the scenes

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  3. Mikita first and last scenes of each season.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bloopers (2/?)
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bloopers (2/?)
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  6. Stydia AUWhen it comes to the supernatural in bacon Hills, Stiles and Lydia were ready for everything. But they were not ready when one stormy night, the jeep they were driving in crashed.
    And when Lydia woke up, she was not ready to find out Stiles didn’t.

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  7. Oh big mistake, because that name keeps me fighting.
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    Silicon Valley S01E03 | Gilfoyle the Illegal Part 2 [part 1

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  10. Skye and Ward - wish you were the one that got away

  11. #2 “I’m Dead Without Him”: Michael and Nikita faced near-death experiences the way most of us face traffic jams, but this one was way too close for comfort. There weren’t many words in this scene, but the way Nikita launched herself into Michael’s arms and clung to him so hard he could barely breathe, said everything. And the ease with which Maggie Q switched between Nikita’s emotions — her soul-crushing grief that the man she loved was dead, to her utter joy and relief when he emerged from the rubble — was incredible.   

    The 15 Most Pivotal Moments of Michael and Nikita’s Relationship.

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  13. I know something that would make this party complete. She can meet us upstairs.

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